Growing in Grace- Links 1/24

From the blog this week: God’s Unstoppable Plan

You Didn’t Do ‘Nothing’ Today

“Maybe you feel like your life is achieving little. But by God’s grace, maybe you are doing far more than you think.”

The Beauty of Hidden Ministry

“Within the body of Christ, many members serve off-stage, veiled by the confidentiality required of private conversations or the ordinariness of menial tasks. In the kitchen preparing food, at the soundboard running A/V, on the couch patting the back of a woman mourning her late husband. These saints labor invisibly, advancing the Kingdom in what seems like imperceptible ways.”

PODCAST: Jared Wilson- Eight Lies About God that Sound Like Truth


  • Why living by my truth causes disobedience issues in our Christian lives.
  • How we help people hold onto the promises of God at the heart level.
  • Some keys to getting porn free and staying there.
  • How to have the right awareness of the accuser’s strategies.
  • How we diagnose the lies of Satan and address them with the hope provided to us by Christ in the word of God.
  • The importance of sharing the truth with fellow Christians.
  • The importance of sharing biblical truth with one another in our local churches.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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