God’s Unstoppable Plan

At our family devotion, I was reading to our kids from “The Gospel Story Bible.” The story was about Moses and how his first few confrontations with Pharaoh didn’t seem to go well. The lesson concluded, “It may seem like things were not going well for Moses, but we can’t forget that God’s plan can never be stopped. Even when things don’t seem to go right, God is in control behind the scenes, working out his purpose.”

I know this truth intellectually, but it can be so easy to forget. I read about God’s faithfulness to Moses and wonder why Moses would ever doubt God’s providence, yet I’m guilty of the same faithlessness. As I’m reading of Moses’ doubts while standing before the burning bush, I want to shout “HOW CAN YOU DOUBT, YOU’RE TALKING TO A BURNING BUSH!” Unfortunately, I don’t hear my own shouts when my sinful heart begins to doubt.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

As we read the stories of saints from the past, I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m reading about a whole life in the span of a few chapters. The character is introduced, the problem arises, then very quickly we see the victory. Yet, the time span between the problem and the solution often covers many years. As a reader, I get the quick answer to the problem, but for the saint living the story, several years went by. Years filled with doubt. Years wondering if God was still at work. Years where it seemed like evil was prevailing.

This is where we have to remember that God’s timing is not our timing. Sometimes he doesn’t provide the solution as quickly as we like. He might let Pharaoh continue to enslave God’s people for a little while longer. It may seem like His plan is failing.

Even when it feels like God is distant, we cannot forget God’s plan is unstoppable and He is taking everything to His desired end. The devotion continued, “Think about Jesus. When he was arrested, the disciples didn’t think things were working out either. But God knew exactly what he was doing. Even when the bad guys seemed to be winning, God’s plan to save us was working perfectly” (58).

When it seemed like Pharaoh was winning, God was just preparing to display His power to His people. It seemed like Satan had dealt a powerful blow when Jesus was betrayed and killed, but God was working out his plan to save His people.

Believer, when all seems to be lost and there is no hope of victory, remember that God is still at work. When it seems like evil is prevailing and the wicked are rewarded, remember that God’s plan is unstoppable. If you are His child, then He hasn’t forgotten or abandoned you. He may be preparing to split the Red Sea.


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James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!


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