Growing in Grace- Links 8/9

From the blog this week: Personal Update: Dissertation and Adoption

Make Sunday Mornings Uncomfortable: Three Rules of Engagement at Church

“But every week, people walk into our gatherings for the first time and get effectively ignored. They may not know Jesus, or they may have spent years wandering from him. Their spiritual health is on the line, and a simple conversation could be the IV fluid God uses to prepare them for life-saving surgery. Eternal lives are at stake.”

The Face in the Mirror

“God has patiently grown us by his Spirit through these years, and while my husband has grown more beautiful to me in his soul, his aging face has grown all the more beautiful beside it. I cannot separate the body from the soul of my husband, just as he cannot separate it from me. Both have grown precious to me. Every wrinkle and variation of his skin serve as a memorial for what the Holy Spirit has done in his life, and in our life, through the trials and joys of our everyday. ”

Orphan Care and the Great Commission

“Orphanhood reflects the plight of lost humanity. Because of Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden in Genesis 3, every human is estranged (orphaned) from God.”

3 Reasons Drifting From the Faith Starts With Drifting From the Church

“Wandering from the church leads to wandering from the faith.”

Podcast: Glenna Marshall- The Promise is His Presence: Why God is Always Enough

“On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and Glenna Marshall have a great conversation about the goodness of God, lament, suffering, reading and studying the Bible, church hurt, loving the Church, and her new book, The Promise is His Presence: Why God Is Always Enough (P&R, 2019).”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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