Personal Update: Dissertation and Adoption

Hey everybody! I try to post original content at the beginning of each week that will, I hope, encourage your growth in grace throughout the week. Today I won’t be posting any new content (except this new post telling you that I won’t be posting lol). I will still post links for you to read at the end of the week, and I hope to get back on the regular schedule next week, Lord willing.

I would like to give a personal update for those of you who are interested. The reason I don’t have a new post today is because I’m in the final stages of finishing my dissertation. The deadline is quickly approaching and I’m working overtime with my advisor to make the necessary corrections and adjustments. If all goes well, I’ll have it turned in this month and then I’ll have to defend it before a panel in October. Then, if I pass, I’ll officially graduate in December!

My dissertation is on Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s theology of Word and Spirit. Lloyd-Jones placed equal emphasis on the need for a proper understanding of doctrine while also maintaining an emphasis on the experimental work of the Holy Spirit. As people of extremes, it often seems that we fall in one of these camps to the neglect of the other. People who are interested in studying the doctrines of the Bible can become, as Lloyd-Jones would say, “dry intellectuals.” People who emphasize the work of the Spirit oftentimes do so while placing a low priority on doctrine (these are generalizations that do not describe every person but can be observed in many). Lloyd-Jones was passionate about balancing these aspects and equally emphasizing both.

If you think about it, pray that I would finish well!

Also, many of you know that Jenny and I are foster parents. We currently have two foster children (not related to each other). One child is up for adoption and, Lord willing, we plan to adopt him! We have filled out the paperwork and we might possibly get an official court date by the end of the month! Please pray for that as well!

Thank you for your continued support. I know there are a lot of blogs available to read, so I do not count it a small matter if you regularly read Growing in Grace. I pray that each post would be a source of edification and point you to our great God! May God strengthen you this week as you continue to grow in grace!

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!


  • God is doing a good work through you. I pray you will move from a ABD to a PhD🙂 this October. From the sounds of things adoption is just a next step to permanency for the child, your wife and you. What a lucky child who no doubt has been to hell and back. He/she will be adopted twice, by your family and Christ.

    I think I will read some of Martin Lloyd-Jones work, sounds interesting.

    May God continue to keep you and direct you in all of His ways. May He continue to shine a light on you and your family.


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