Growing in Grace- Links 6/18

True Rest in the God who Helps

 In this season of uncertainty, where our first-world idols of health and wealth have proven to be flimsy, I have been forced to seek solace in the power of my Maker. I have learned that even if I stop working, the world is sustained by a Helper who does not slumber. Even if I stop treading water, faith promises that we will remain afloat. I need not be afraid.

George Floyd and Me

“For me, ‘life as usual’ means recognizing some people perceive me as a threat based solely on the color of my skin. For me, ‘life as usual’ means preparing my sons for the coming time when they’re no longer perceived as cute little boys, but teenage ‘thugs.’ Long after George Floyd disappears from the headlines, I will still be a black man in America.”

You are Not That Special: The Glory of Ordinary Christianity

“And what the down-to-earth life of the local church reminds us is how good it can be to be normal, and to remember, for our good, that no Christian is exempt from normal Christianity: from repentance, from trust in Christ alone for forgiveness, from the moment-by-moment help of his Spirit, from saturating our lives in the word of God, from daily availing ourselves of his ear in prayer, and from genuinely belonging to his body in a local church.”

Heaven’s Best 

“Hold my hand, my brother’s, sister’s, too.
Bleed our dross through our eyes.
Make us whole, more like you,
Like you more for what we’ve been through.”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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