Growing in Grace- Links 5/15

From the blog: Flattery is Not Encouragement

Waiting on the Lord is Not a Waste 

“Why is waiting so difficult? Because it feels as if we’re not doing anything. And that’s the point. You’re not doing anything, but God is. However, waiting is one of the greatest applications of the Christian faith. You are putting your trust in God, placing your hope in him, and expressing confidence that he is in control.”

The Beauty That Still Remains

“Treasuring beauty is a worthy endeavor for those who belong to the One who is Most Beautiful. We are designed to gaze at the majesty of our King; it is not an inconsequential act. Beholding the beauty of the Lord has tangible, transformational effects on the soul…”

Don’t Leave an Awful Hole

“Knowing that the Lord carefully knitted you together in the womb, that nothing was hidden from him as to who you were going to be, speaks volumes about how much you’re worth to him.”

‘Obedience Will Make You Miserable’- The Tired Lie Satan Loves to Tell

“Come now, older brother, put up your ear to the door. Can you hear the saints’ laughter? Can you hear the angels’ praise? Can you hear the Father singing over his children who’ve returned?”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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