The End of Myself

I’ve come to the end of myself,
My inabilities are made clear,
There is so much I cannot do,
And it’s failure that I fear.

Being a parent is challenging,
I cannot change the heart.
I teach and model what Scripture says,
And hope they don’t depart.

Leadership shows my weakness,
Victories seem so few,
Why would You call me to this task?
It’s beyond what I can do.

Evil’s a strong persuader,
A powerful enemy is deceit.
Left to myself in my own strength,
It’s something I can’t beat.

My biggest problem isn’t external,
It’s hidden deep within,
As I look into my own heart,
I’m overwhelmed by my sin.

So I’ve come to the end of myself,
I trust not my gifts nor power,
The cry of my heart is more than a song:
“I need thee every hour.”

But it’s here at the end of myself,
Where my Shepherd looks at me,
And says, “Fear not, my beloved child,
For my glory you will see,

“It was never about your own strength,
Or your ability,
My strength is perfect in your weakness,
So keep your eyes on me.

“As long as you think you’re strong enough,
You’ll never trust in me,
But when you realize your weakness,
My power you will see.

“It wasn’t Moses’ talent or strength,
That split the Red Sea,
I promised to protect my people,
The power came from me.

“It wasn’t David’s ability or gifts,
That made him heed the call,
But it was my power at work through him,
That made the giant fall.

“Against a fortified city,
My people knew their flaws,
But when they put their trust in me,
I knocked down Jericho’s walls.

“So you see, my child, it isn’t about your strength,
Or your ability,
But when you come to the end of yourself,
My glory you will see.”


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James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!


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