Growing in Grace- Links 1/31

From the blog this week: Word and Spirit: The Power to Make Disciples

How Sin Leaves Us Needing the Intervention of God

“A crayon leaves a mark that is easily dealt with. But mold is a living thing. It spreads—it will take your health. It will destroy your house.  Some folks think that sin is like the crayon. When you mess up, cover it over, clean up the mess and move on.

But sin is not like a crayon—it is like the mold.”

The Slowness of Sanctification

Why is God still prodding at me? I’ve accomplished a lot. How much more needs to be done in my heart?”

Beware the Complacency of “Once Saved, Always Saved”

“We have two seemingly contradictory truths: On the one hand, the Bible says that once God saves you, you’ll always be saved (e.g., John 10; Romans 8); on the other, it says that only if you endure to the end will you be saved (cf. Hebrews 3:12–14).

You have to put the two together.”

Podcast: Owen Strachan- Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why anthropology is the major issue of the 21st century
  • How pastors and parents can help children develop a biblical worldview that stands against evolution and for a biblical worldview.
  • The best way for Christians to respond to the spiritualizing of sexuality.
  • How Christian couples can help equip their children on the subject of transgenderism.
  • Why we don’t drift into holiness in the Christian life.
  • The purpose of family worship centered on the Word of God.
  • Some tips on being intentional in family worship.
  • How we as Christians help those transgenderism, a transpersonal worldview.
  • What neopaganism is and how it is a major competitor to the gospel today.
  • Using technology to serve our work but not to rule our work.
  • Why recovering a biblical understanding of patience is critical to having mature Christian conversation and discipleship.
  • Biblical desire, union with Christ, and mortification of sin.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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