Top 10 Posts of 2019

Here is a list of the 10 most viewed posts of 2019:

10. 6 Reasons Christians Should be Readers

“For many, the mere thought of reading elicits the same response as nails scratching a chalkboard. While it might seem like a long lost art, the value of reading has been recognized all throughout human history. I believe there should be more emphasis on reading in our society as a whole, but specifically for Christians.”

9. Blogging as a Local Ministry

“Every time I’m tempted to quit, I’m reminded that I’m blogging for my local context; I’m writing for the people in my local area that God has given me to love and to shepherd. It’s easy to lose sight of that because any blog post has the potential to be shared with a larger audience. The potential for a larger audience or for a post to “go viral” can sometimes tempt my prideful heart to lose focus on why I’m writing.”

8. Thanking God for Adoption Day

“My daydreaming came to a halt when the lawyer called me to take the stand. I don’t remember everything she asked, but one question stood out among the rest: ‘Do you understand that once adopted, it will be as if this child were born to you and will have all the same rights as any other biological child?’ Yes, I understood. We were bringing our son home, permanently.”

7. The Pollution of Man

“Even if man were to recognize his condition, total inability means the he is powerless, on his own, to change his ways. Just like the leopard cannot change his spots (Jer. 13:23) so we cannot stop our sinful actions and motives. First Cor. 2:14 teaches that the natural man doesn’t receive the things of the Spirit of God. Our carnal mind is set against God (Rom. 8:7).”

6. Marks of a Healthy Church- A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

“Evangelism is something that all believers are to do. It is not something where church members can sit back and let the paid ministers do alone; the call in the great commission is for all believers to go and make disciples!”

5. When You Can’t See God Working

“God’s invisible, sovereign hand operates all throughout the book. Interestingly, Esther is one of two books in the Bible that doesn’t explicitly mention God. Yet he is an inescapable reality woven through the details and ironies of the story. Instead of telling you that God is at work, the author simply shows you.”

4. 9 Favorite Reads of 2019

Just what the title says 🙂

3. Ordinary Faithfulness in the Smallest Tasks

“I’ve come to realize that one of the most underappreciated aspects of the Christian life is ordinary faithfulness. Striving for excellence in the small, mundane tasks that God has given today often seems boring and unsatisfying.”

2. Have We Become Pharisees? 5 Evaluation Questions

“Nobody wants to be a Pharisee, yet our flesh seems naturally bent in that direction. The good news of the gospel seems too easy for our works-based, achievement-driven hearts. We know Christ achieved it all, but we still want to contribute. Even while we proclaim the gospel of grace, we fight the intense pull toward self-righteousness.”

1. Lloyd-Jones on Numbers

“At a Westminster Chapel discussion group in 1944, the topic of numbers came up and many were concerned. Attendance had dropped due to WWII, and many ‘doubted whether the plain services now established, with forty-five minute (or longer) sermons and not even an organ…would ever bring back the numbers which once crowded the building.’ A woman name Mary-Carson was in attendance that night and she wrote about the meeting years later.”


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James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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