Growing in Grace- Links 11/29

From the blog this week: The Sacrifice

A Visual Theology Advent Reading Calendar For Your Family

This might be a helpful resources for your family this season!

Never Be Wise in Your Own Eyes

“So, we need God to give us a spirit of true wisdom, to teach us how to crucify our pride. Along with the command, “Never be wise in your own sight,” God says much through Paul about how to put these sinful impulses to death, including three great lessons.”

Three Characteristics of Healthy Church Discipline

“God has given the authority to no other institution on the planet to make such calls. There is a tremendous weight of responsibility on churches, then, to wield the keys of the kingdom of heaven with care and responsibility. We dare not be callused or flippant with them, and we dare not refuse to use them. Too much rides on the Church’s responsibility to bind and loosen on earth that which is bound and loosened in heaven.”

The Pillars That Grace Built

“I love that sweet interjection; that grace-filled declaration of a God who is not content to sit and let us wallow in our own forgetfulness. When God acts, creation bends to his command. When God speaks, light erupts in dark places and paths appear in ways untrodden.”


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James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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