Another Big Week…

Hey everyone, last time I updated you I let you know that we were in the process of adopting our foster son, and I was on the verge of submitting my dissertation. The culmination of both of these things happens THIS week!

We have a court date TODAY to legally adopt our son. We are beyond excited and so is our son! I hope to write more about this in the future and give you all the full story. Pray for us as we continue this transition. Pray that this adoption will provide a picture of the gospel and an opportunity to tell many about how our Lord has adopted us!

Then, this Friday, I will defend my dissertation to a panel of professors. The dissertation has been approved and officially submitted, so after I defend it before a panel I will, if I pass, be ready to graduate in December. I’ve enjoyed diving into the works of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and it has been beneficial for my walk with the Lord as well as my ministry. Pray it goes well and I pass!

Thank you all for continuing to read the blog. I pray the Lord uses it to encourage and edify. I hope to give you more detailed accounts of these things and how the Lord has worked through them in upcoming posts. Until then, may God strengthen you as you continue to grow in grace!

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!


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