Growing in Grace- Links 10/25

From the blog this week: Fierce Wolves and Bold Shepherds

I Finally Wrote My Resignation Letter

“But sleep may be one of the most underestimated weapons we have against the schemes of the devil. With my mind clouded and foggy with fatigue, it was ripe for the lies of Satan to blend with the realities of my present suffering. Suffering in the hand of Satan seems a curse, but suffering in the hand of my Father is an instrument of his sanctifying mercy.”

The Difference Between Attractional and Gospel-Centered Churches

“So is there any right or wrong way to worship? Is any particular musical style more empowered than the other? Should churches mainly seek to attract nonbelievers or to teach believers?”

Are You Called to Write?

“How do you know if putting words on paper or typing them on a screen is part of God’s design for you?”

5 Ways to Fight Sin

“This woman had raised a black bear named Teddy from cubhood, and for nine years, there were no incidents. But then, one day, as she was cleaning his cage, the bear mauled her.

Some of the neighbors acted surprised. One said, “She was a good person; we just thought she had a strange hobby.” I don’t doubt the woman was a good person. But it doesn’t matter whether you’ve named your pet bear Teddy or not—my kids are not coming over to hang out. Because bear taming is not just an unusual hobby like stamp collecting. And sooner or later, bears do what bears do.

Just like sin will do what sin does.”

Fostering Hospitality

“We both knew that we wanted to foster and/or adopt children long before we met each other and were married ten years ago. Neither of us knew just how much it would stretch and strengthen our ability to be hospitable, to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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