Growing in Grace- Links 10/11

Check out these links from around the web:

8 Signs of True Repentance

“Often I’ve been told by my abuser, “If you don’t forgive me, God won’t forgive you.” But this threatening posture indicates insincere repentance. It’s unloving, manipulative, and implies the offender doesn’t accept or comprehend the gravity of what they’ve done.”

How to Apply the Gospel to Kill Your Sin

“Are we so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, will we now perfect ourselves with the flesh?”

On Being an Inflatable Tank

“There’s a temptation that applies to pastors and other Christians with a public profile, and it’s the temptation to look righteous and holy in public, but to be content to be unrighteous and unholy in private. It’s the temptation to be an “inflatable tank,” someone that can pass a cursory glance even if he would fail a close inspection, someone that has the appearance of strength or power even if he is actually empty and weak.”

Confronting Sin in the Life of a Fellow Believer

“We are often hesitant to speak the truth because of fear. We are fearful of what they may think, how they may respond, or how they will react. We worry that the friendship will be damaged. We believe that not speaking up is actually the more loving thing to do—if I don’t speak up, I won’t hurt their feelings, and I won’t hurt our relationship. However, keeping quiet is actually less loving, and the motive is selfish.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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