Growing in Grace- Links 9/13

From the blog this week: The Promised Prophet

Click the link to read the below articles:

How to Kill a Church

“Care less about biblical depth, discipleship, and leadership character than inspirational messages, excitement, and creativity. Make sure the success is built around the leader’s ‘brand’ so that he and the church are largely synonymous.”

Four Sustaining Graces for Seasons of Depression

“It’s true, the experience of depression is exhausting—both physically and spiritually. We find ourselves desperately feeling around for a light switch that we may finally land our fingers on a toggle. But alas, there are no quick remedies for instantly illuminating our gloom—no switch to flip, no immediate assuage of our pain.”

Tying up Truth with Threadbare Ribbons

“The Word of God came alive and began to inform the way I saw God, the Church, the world, other humans, sin, faith, and so much more. Where the Father had been a far off caricature before, he was now full of character. Where Jesus had been merely a role model for goodness, he was now goodness itself. Where the Spirit had been the gift I never thought I’d fully have, he was now living, active, within me, helping and comforting. I was like any new convert, a missionary for this way of seeing.”

God Doesn’t Need You

“Too many times we work in our own strength, thinking that we can fix problems we are facing on our own. We rarely consult the Lord and ask Him for help.”

He Must Increase; Our Churches Must Decrease

“There is one thing that the churches experiencing historic revival have in common: they seemed overrun with the sense of the glory of God. They preached the gospel and the response was, as some describe, that ‘glory came down.'”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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