Growing in Grace- Links 5/31

From the blog this week: Our Plans and God’s Will

Longer Than

“I stare out my rain-spattered window and think about how hard it is to love someone sometimes, to hit all the right notes at all the right moments. How easy it is to miss the mark, again and again, with those we love the most, even when we have the best of intentions.”

God’s Ways Are Not My Ways (On Ten Years of Marriage)

“I used to tell my students (back when I taught high school) that making a list of qualities about a potential spouse is fine, but it won’t tell you the most important stuff—like who the person you marry will become. Or how you will change. Or how you will both respond to what life throws at you. Marriage has taught me again and again that God’s ways are not my ways.”

Getting Older Involves a Lot of Dying

“I am finding that getting older involves a lot of dying. And while I’m not that old yet, I expect that as more time passes, it will also come with a lot more death. Obviously physical mortality will be my final end, just as it has been for everyone else, but I’m seeing there is lots more I’ll need to die to before that.”

Disappoint Your Enemy and Declare God’s Goodness

“It’s easy to bless God when he gives. Most of us take to social media to proclaim how good he is when our child is born, the surgery is successful, we get the new house, and so on. But when our baby doesn’t come, when the diagnosis lingers, or we lose our job, blessing the Lord rings hollow.”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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