Growing in Grace- Links 3/15

From the blog this week: The Pollution of Man

The Call to Repentance and the Championing of Grace

“To think that the message of grace and the call of repentance are opposed to one another is to miss the beautiful, grace-filled nature of what repentance actually is. The call to repent is one of the greatest expressions of the love of God.”

The Nine Deadly Sins of Progressivism

“I agree with Budziszewski that political liberalism, especially in its progressive form, is a welter of profound anthropological and moral errors, with political consequences that become more and more devastating as the internal logic of these errors are applied more and more consistently in our society.”

The Eighty Deadly Sins of Political Conservatism

“Given that my primary allegiance is to Christ and his church, my commitments to political parties, platforms, and leaders should always be tentative. Thus, since I land on the right side of the American political spectrum, it is especially helpful to beware the dangers found on the right.”

Should Christians “Self-Care?”

“There is a sense in which self-care is one of our most basic responsibilities before God and our fellow man. Yet there is another sense in which it can be in direct opposition to our most basic responsibilities before God and man. Definitions and proportions make all the difference.”

The Goal of Submission in Marriage

“Wives bend toward the nourishment and the leadership of their husbands—not because it’s some horrible thing that the husband’s asking them to do, but because there are good things for them when they do that. They are turning themselves toward what is for their good.”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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