Growing In Grace- Links 3/1

From the blog this week: Trusting When I Don’t Understand

What You Should Know About the Born-Alice Abortion Survivors Protection Act

It’s sad that we even need a bill like this. It’s even sadder that it didn’t pass.

When Grumbling Meets Gossip

“Knowing that the church in Philippi is encountering a time of trial that may soon turn to an outbreak of persecution, Paul is eager to ensure that the believers there endure it without sin. He knows that their attitudes and actions through this challenging time will honor or dishonor the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only that, their attitudes and actions will either attract or repel the unbelievers who witness it.”

Stewarding the Skill of Writing

“Writing is like everything else in life: an opportunity to practice stewardship. The faithful Christian reflects on all areas—birthplace, socioeconomic level, education, home, family, skills and abilities, passions, pain, everything—and asks the Lord, ‘How would you have me use this?'”

Sometimes We Forget He Loves Us

“He doesn’t love me because I’m lovable. He loves me because He is committed to loving me, because He loved me before I knew what love was”

7 Questions for Meaningful Conversations with Believers

“We’ve got to move dialogue with believers beyond a superficial level if we are going to really know and encourage one another. But where do we even start?

Here are seven questions you might ask.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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