Growing in Grace- Links 2/22

From the blog this week: “Have We Become Pharisees? 5 Evaluation Questions.”

God’s Book and God’s Voice

“Not many people see heaven and live to tell about it. In Scripture, those who may have (Lazarus, Paul, and the girl we call Talitha), never recorded a word of what they saw. Only John’s Revelation was given for the church. But among certain Christian circles, extraordinary claims of a trip to heaven are accepted as true.”

How to Fight Anger in Motherhood

“While I wish it wasn’t the case, scenes like this play out at our house more often than I’d like. When we leave for school, when we clean up the house, when it’s bedtime, when it’s mealtime. Perhaps you can relate?

Here are a few principles that help me navigate anger in the little years.”

When a Child Disobeys: 6 Steps for Healthy Correction

“Our aim is to redirect them, not squash them. But when little Johnny has done it again — disobeyed, defied your instruction, sassed, thrown a hissy fit — what’s a mother to do? How can she respond to this naughtiness without abandoning tenderhearted love? How can she hate the sin (it is sin) and love the little sinner? And how can she avoid over-reacting? How can she build up a child who disobeys?”

3 Reasons to Fight Self-Pity

“It feels good to play the role of constantly being misunderstood or mistreated. It’s a soothing balm to listen to that voice inside of us that tells us that no one relates or that our difficulties are unique to the human condition. What’s more, sometimes it’s even true, or at least mostly true.”

Theological Minutia Matters

Minutia matters. I know it’s popular these days to wave away theological study as inefficient, impractical, and unnecessarily complicated.



James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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