Growing in Grace- Links 1/4

From the blog this week: Fighting Bitterness With Beauty

You Need Not Worry About Next Year

“However the last year has been for you, God could not have been more good to you than he has been.”

Comforting Quotes For Those Who Are Suffering

“We all go through difficult times in these difficult lives in this broken world, and a book like this one delivers comfort rooted in the Comforter. I’ve collected some of my favorite quotes from the book, hoping they comfort you and perhaps compel you to read the book yourself or hand it to someone who could benefit from it.”

Don’t Waste Your Season of Waiting

“Whether a short or long season of waiting, God is not only present in it but also at work doing beautiful things. You may not have noticed because, like me, your eyes were too fixed on the end when the waiting is over.”

Chronological New Testament Reading Plan

“How about joining me for a chronological reading through the New Testament? Reading the New Testament narratives and letters as the events unfolded is sure to be a blast.”

7 Things We Can Learn from the Puritans

“The more heavenly you are, the more earthly good you’ll do because the more you’re like Jesus.”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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