Growing in Grace- Links 12/21

From the blog this week: Lasting Joy Among The Waves

The Number 1 Reason for Decline in Church Attendance

“Few people will argue that church attendance in many churches in America is declining. Our own research indicates that the majority of churches in our country are not growing.”

What Does it Mean to be Led by the Holy Spirit?

“But if we rely solely upon inner peace, feelings, dreams, visions, or impressions, then we are not being led by the Holy Spirit. We are merely being led by ourselves, or worse.”

10 Ideas and 10 Tips for Family Devotions in 2019

“A new year is just about upon us, and as it dawns, we have a new opportunity to lead our families in devotions. Whether you’ve been utterly consistent or mightily struggling, here are 10 ideas and 10 tips that may help as you consider the year to come.”

Theological Primer: Hypostatic Union

“From time to time I make new entries into this continuing series called “Theological Primer.” The idea is to present big theological concepts in around 500 words. Today we look at the hypostatic union.”

Is a Plurality of Elders Necessary in the Local Church?

“Therefore, if God established a specific system and we choose to operate under a different model simply because of pragmatic rationale or a commitment to some form of modern trends or historic traditions—it must be noted that we don’t have such freedom to make those alterations.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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