Growing in Grace- Links 12/15

From the blog this week: To The Brokenhearted

Should Christians Demand That People Say ‘Merry Christmas’?

“In our cultural moment, we should recognize the benefit of our nation’s fading allegiance to nominal Christianity. Now, more than ever, saying ‘Merry Christmas’ means something.”

J.D Greear on How the Bible Talks About Hell

“Would the existence of metaphorical language imply that hell is somehow less terrible than one might first suspect when reading about fire, darkness, and undying worms?”

How to Help Sufferers When You Don’t Know What To Say

“Have you ever felt that heavy burden? A friend has just unloaded her suffering to you, and as you take it in you feel like a deer in the headlights. What do I say? How do I begin to bring truth to this hurt?”

The 2019 Christian Reading Challenge

Sometimes it seems that reading is a lost art. Perhaps you’d like to increase your reading in the new year. This challenge offers different options depending on your goals (from light to obsessed reader). Invite a friend and take the challenge!

The Crazy, Counter-Intuitive, Relentless and Blessed Pursuit of Humility

“Do you desire to be truly great in the kingdom of God? Do you want God to use you for his glory? The secret is not to imagine yourself as successful or great or keep saying to yourself, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me.” The secret to being blessed is to humble yourself. To relentlessly pursue the way down, not the way up.”

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James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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