Growing in Grace- Links 10/13

A collection of links to encourage your growth in grace:

From the blog this week: What Ever Happened to Civil Debate?

What is the Mark of the Beast?

“Those who have ears should open their ears and heed what is being said. People are told in advance about the authority of the beast and his persecution and slaying of Christians. They are informed that unbelievers will give to the beast their worship and their adoration. Hence, believers must ready themselves. Some are destined for captivity, and to captivity they will go. Others are destined to be killed by the sword, and so it will be (cf. Jer. 15:2; 43:11). Such events do not mean God has abandoned or forgotten about them; the power of the beast does not suggest God’s sovereign rule over the world has been surrendered, for the beast exercises authority only by God’s will.”

Girl, Wash Your Face

A helpful review of a very popular book, even in Christian circles. Unfortunately, its message is inconsistent with Scripture.

Legalism or Laziness?

“Lately, though, I watch the current church culture encourage a more relaxed version of Christianity that encourages an emotional formation of theology rather than Scriptural one and fosters an atmosphere of leniency rather than obedience. The pursuit of godliness has been lost within the fear of legalism, and as a result, the attitude toward spiritual disciplines is often a disdainful one.”

When We Steal the Spotlight from God

“When I think and act according to my pleasure instead of God’s glory, I elevate myself above my creator. It’s both sinful and absurd, like a clay pot trying to commandeer the potter’s ceramic studio.”

Free At Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years

“American pastor Andrew Brunson has been released after being detained for two years in Turkey.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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