Growing in Grace- Links 8/18

A weekly collection of links.

From the blog this week: ‘Christopher Robin’ And The Struggle We Face

The Lost Art of Hospitality 

When is the last time you had someone over to your home?

Give Your Kids Something Better Than Youth Sports

“For what will it profit a child if he gains the traveling team and forfeits his soul? Or if she gains Junior Olympics and forfeits her soul?”

Gracious Confidence is More Appealing Than Angst and Doubt

“We will not refresh and reinvigorate our ailing culture if we lack confidence in the truth, beauty, and goodness of our faith. ”

Four Lies That Keep Us From Church

“In our individualistic culture, to say that my identity is necessarily connected to the people in my church is hardly popular. Our unbelieving friends and neighbors often reject the significance of membership in a local church and minimize it as a ‘personal choice.'”

The Beauty of God’s Wrath

“God’s wrath is the most unpopular of his attributes, and understandably so. But if we stare at the gospel long enough, even God’s wrath seems beautiful.”

A Redemption of Grief

“When I open my Bible to read, grief stands in front of me. I try to focus on the words, try to take in the passage, but I am distracted. The letters pool on the page.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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