Growing in Grace- Links 6/7

A collection of links from around the web:

From the blog this week: The Comforting Truth of God’s Sovereignty

The Utter Horror of the Smallest Sins

“Little sins reveal that we are willing to rebel against God in even the smallest matters.”

Behold (and beware) the Grandiose View of Self

“Too many have thought themselves above falling. They wouldn’t succumb to sexual sin or the love of money. They wouldn’t allow the devil to get a foothold in their lives. And yet, what do we see, day after day? A pastor falls. An esteemed leader in the church’s marriage hits the skids. Double lives are revealed.”

The Hope of Forgiveness

“Many who have trusted in Christ struggle deeply in their consciences over their post-conversion sins. How can a true believer commit a particular sin–sometimes repeatedly–after he or she comes to Christ? How do I know whether I have really repented of my sin if I have committed it on a recurrent basis? Have I really and truly repented if I fall into it again?”

Nine Thoughts on Fighting Temptation

“Nine quick thoughts for fighting against sin and temptation.”

The ‘No’ Heard Through The Ages

“In Gethsemane, Jesus hears the most significant ‘No’ ever heard in history. “

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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