Growing in Grace- Links 6/16

A collection of links from around the web:

Humility and Hope: My Prayer for the SBC Convention

A word from our newly elected SBC president. May it be so!

10 Practical Ways to Treasure Christ

“As Christians, we must ask ourselves: How much of our time is spent scrolling, practicing a hobby, watching TV, or playing video games? How often are our minds filled to the brim with these things? Is meeting with God something we check off the list, only to forget about it until our next ‘quiet time’?”

What I Saw in Dallas: A Report From the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention

A brief overview of the SBC Convention happenings this week.

I Feel Called to Write, Now What?

“So, if you really want to write and you believe God has called you to write, put aside any illusions of glory or grandeur, put aside any hopes for accolades or affirmation, keep putting it all to death (for the rest of your writing life), and trust the outcome of your words to God.”

5 Lessons From Visiting the Ark Encounter 

“It was a hugely encouraging trip and one that I would recommend you make at some point in your life. Here are five lessons I learned by going on the trip, and I hope they’re an encouragement to you.”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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