Growing in Grace- Links 6/8

How to Sharpen Your Concentration for Bible Reading

“We live in a distracted age. We sneak frequent glances at our phones and get immersed in things that don’t matter in the long run. This has consequences for our work and family lives. It also wreaks havoc on our Bible reading. When we struggle to pay attention, it makes it difficult for us to read God’s word profitably.”

Seasoned Worship

“Mine is a request for a more seasoned worship—for exuberance when the Spirit is near, but also space to admit the absence of God, or more accurately the feeling of absence. If someone like David, that man after God’s heart, can express such wintry proclamations, shouldn’t we try to live and worship as spaciously as well?”

Studying the Attributes of God

“One of the greatest gifts of this list is that it gives me a structure on which to hang my prayers. When I find myself doubting the character of God, my prayers falling limp as I fail to believe one attribute or another, I pray through this list and remind myself of truth. When I look back through my written prayers over the last few years, I can see that in different seasons, my prayers were heavily focused on one or two different attributes of God.”

Crossfit Tolerance Does Not Extend to Fired Exec

“A high-ranking executive at the fitness company CrossFit was fired after tweeting his support for a CrossFit gym’s cancellation of a pride event, citing his belief that celebrating ‘LGBT pride’ is a ‘sin.'”

Jason Duesing- Mere Hope: Life in an Age of Cynicism (A Podcast)

“On the latest Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave Jenkins, and Jason Duesing discuss fighting against cynicism and for joy, along with his book, Mere Hope: Life in an Age of Cynicism (B&H, 2018)”

How Can We Find Meaning in Life (Part 1 and Part 2)

“If we’re honest, we all seek meaning in something. Whether it be in the little moments of life, knowing we are in the “in crowd”, or something else, we all seek meaning in something. Maybe you are pursuing something right now that you believe will finally provide the meaning for which you long.  Or maybe that which you have pursued so long has just let you down, and that’s left you wondering: How can I find meaning in life?”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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