There’s Healing in His Name

I can hear their whispers

and feel the awkward stare,

they assume because I cannot see,

I must not know or care.


They view me as an outcast,

my existence, to them, bane

I felt their judgment my whole life,

and grown numb to the pain.


They think it’s something that I’ve done,

a consequence of sin,

I’m deemed a hopeless sinner,

and they won’t let me in.


Is God not good or able,

in his sovereign plan,

to allow for suffering,

in a upright man?


The religious teachers don’t think so,

and maybe they are right,

maybe there’s no hope for me,

I must accept my plight.


I wipe a tear that’s gathered

in the corner of my eye,

I continue with my begging,

no time to ask ‘why?’


Then, I hear a crowd that’s coming,

they seem to have one aim,

to get a glimpse of Jesus,

they say there’s healing in his name.


Healing? I don’t believe it,

I don’t think there’s a chance,

If He’s anything like His followers,

He’ll give me not a glance.


The roaring crowd gets closer,

But I’m forced to stay,

I can hear them whispering,

“Lord, why was he born this way?”


Expecting to hear about my sin,

or some invented story,

the Rabbi’s simple reply:

“To display God’s glory.”


I feel his breath upon me,

I reach out to feel him there,

Not used to someone coming close,

or having someone care.


I feel something touch me,

He’s wiping mud on my eye,

I knew it! He’s here to mock me,

I wish that I could die.


But instead of roaring laughter,

I hear his clear command,

‘Go, and wash the mud off’

I do not understand.


I plunge into the water,

A hopeless thing to do,

Wait, what is that?

I see the color blue.


The buildings in our town,

Red, yellow, brown and green,

People walking to and fro,

Things I’ve never seen.


It wasn’t my parents’ sin

as everyone will claim,

but instead I was born blind,

To prove there’s healing in His name!


The religious leaders don’t like it,

they don’t believe it could be,

I tell them all I really know,

I was blind, but now I see.


But something else confronts me,

convicting me of sin.

Blindness was a picture,

of the blindness that’s within.


I set out to find Jesus

to see if He’s the one,

I finally approach him,

“Are you the promised Son?”


“Yes. I am the Messiah,

Do you believe it’s true?”

Yes Lord, please save me,

so I can worship you.


That is when he healed me

of the blindness that’s within,

The Son of God went to the cross

to wash away my sin.


I’ve told my story many times,

the ending is the same,

I once was blind but now I see,

There’s healing in His name.

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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