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Growing in Grace- Links 6/1

A collection of links from around the web:

Your 7 Job Responsibilities as a Church Member

Did you know, ordinary church member, that Jesus has given you a job? Your elders have a special office, to be sure, but so do you. And Jesus has given you elders in order to train you to do your job.

Ministering to Coworkers

A helpful piece on how to engage in gospel conversations at work.

10 Things You Should Know About Money

“Money is an accurate window on what is truly important to us. It exposes the fact that this side of eternity it is really hard to hold in our hearts as important what God says is truly important. There is a dangerous tendency in each of our hearts to assign increasing importance to things beyond their true importance, and these things begin to command the thoughts, desires, and allegiance of our hearts. If you’re humbly willing to look, your desires for and use of money will help you see what is battling for the rulership of your heart.”

Let’s Talk About Your Worry

“There are four things, among many more, we can learn about the root of worry—what’s really going on in our heart—from this passage. As we consider God’s Word, I pray he works in us both to put to death this sin in our heart.”

On Reading, Food-Borne Allergies, and (Potentially) Ruining the Next Generation

“We won’t reclaim our time and attention until we decide that the cost of a life lived through and for screens is too high. Unfortunately, that time might not come until the next generation says it cost them dearly.”


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