Growing in Grace: Links 5/18

A collection of links you might find helpful or interesting. Click below to read:

Are You Ashamed of the Gospel?

“These cultural pressures make it seem so difficult to share Jesus with our neighbors and friends and family, even though we believe it to be good news for them. Why is it so hard?”

Confessions of a Selfie Saturated Culture

“To be clear, anyone who engages in taking selfies is not necessarily committing a sin, but it’s certainly a practice that if not kept in check can lead to sin. When you look into your beautiful face—be amazed at the beauty of God and his creative genius. There is nobody else just like you in the whole world, but more importantly, there is nobody and no deity like God.”

What Church Discipline Taught Me About Our Church

“Church discipline may be one of the most difficult tasks given to the church. It is hard for sinners to discuss and deal with the sin of others – even if it is unrepentant sin. Church discipline is one of the most joyless and painful actions a church will take in unity. And yet, it can be one of the greatest catalysts for the health and resolve of a church’s faith and commitment to Christ. It rarely is the easy things of life that yield such rewarding and lasting results. ”

What is Theology?

“We get in trouble when we read the Bible and jump straight to application without first understanding what the passage means and what theology it conveys. Only when we know what the Bible means and what theology it teaches can we properly apply it to our day-to-day situations.”

Fear Itself

“History tells me ninety-nine percent of what I fear never comes to fruition. And, even if it did, any possible ruin doesn’t exceed the grasp of redemption.”

9 Things You Should Know About Jerusalem

“Here are nine things you should know about one of the world’s oldest and most venerated cities.”

Women in the Storyline of Redemptive History

“Twenty-one observations of women in the storyline of redemptive history from Genesis to Revelation”


James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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