Growing in Grace- Links 5/4

A collection of links to encourage your growth. Click links below to read:

Why We Cringe at ‘Submit’

“Why do I feel that little bit of rebellion or shame when I hear the word “submit?” I think it’s proof that we as Christians are constantly battling worldliness…The worldly thinking that constantly creeps into our minds is that our value and our dignity as people comes from our function or role, from what we do relative to other people. The Bible says something different. Your value and your dignity do not come from what you do but from who you are.”

For the Love of Discipline: Sara Wallace and Parenting Through the Gospel

“If you’re looking for a formula that will turn disobedient kids into perfect little angels, you won’t find it. God doesn’t give us a formula. He gives us principles. The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom to use those principles to point our kids to Christ.”

Why You Should Study Theology

“Too often, Christian pit theological teaching against “practical” teaching. We know the problems we face in our lives and think that theology is ivory tower thinking that has little to do with solving real problems. We imagine that we can get the help we need for our lives from the Bible while avoiding the difficult thinking that comes along with theology.”

The Little Anger that Grew

“It makes me wonder how much of the shouting in the world today (wars, rumors of wars, blog rebuttals and careless tweets, sarcasm and misunderstandings) is really just because we’re angry at God. We feel overlooked by him. We feel unheard by him. We wonder, ‘How long, O Lord?'”

Three Types of People Who Hinder the Church

“We need the local church as we journey onward. We must strive to see the privilege of membership in a local church and come to value it far more than we often do. Within the church, there are many different types of people…As we consider the life of the local church, we must beware of three types of people in the church who can bring harm upon themselves while at the same time doing harm to the entire church.”

The Serious Nature of Sin

“Racism, sexism, classism, terrorism, school shootings, sexuality, etc. are all symptoms of the disease of sin.  No amount of campaigning, crowd sourcing, or any other type of awareness can prevail completely against any of these issues either collectively or singularly until we acknowledge that all of the issues and problems in the world stem from sin.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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