Growing in Grace- Links 4/13

Links from around the web to help you grow in grace! Click below to read.

7 Ways to Protect and Pass on the Gospel

The importance of the church in proclaiming the gospel and some practical steps.

Safe, Comfortable, and Unhappy: Finding Life by Overcoming Fear

“Cowardice may seem distant and personally irrelevant to the average American with the average day job, but we Christ followers must ask ourselves, Has fear caused me to forsake my mission? Am I sitting on the sidelines, more concerned with my own self-image and security than with those who are perishing? I am equipped and called, so why am I unwilling to go?”

10 Most Significant Discoveries in the Field of Archaeology

Some meaningful discoveries you might find interesting.

A Light in Dark Places

“Perhaps you feel the weight of your own trials and troubles right now. You feel that all the lights have gone out. Where can you turn for guidance? Each of us needs God’s Word if we have any hope of walking the road without stumbling or getting off-course.”


I’ve been enjoying this conference. You can watch the videos here or livestream if the conference is still going.

Flashback: The Fish and the Surprising Grace of God

“The Almighty who guides the shooting stars also guides every lot that is cast. Jonah realized he couldn’t run from him anymore. No more hiding, no more sleeping below deck hoping the storm would pass. He confessed his disobedience.”

James Williams

Trying to live this life to the glory of God and help others in the process. Only by His grace!

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