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False Alarms And The Impending Judgment of God

I was working in the garage when my wife flung the door open. With tears in her eyes and desperation in her voice, she screamed, “James get in here!” Her sister lives in Hawaii and called to tell her that the whole island had received the following warning message on their phones: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A … Continue reading False Alarms And The Impending Judgment of God

5 Truths We Can Learn From Ezekiel About Ministry

In the first three chapters of Ezekiel we see his call to ministry. Ezekiel was given a specific task for a specific time, but we can all learn from his call to ministry. When I say ‘ministry,’ I don’t just mean vocational ministry, although that is included. If you are a believer, you have a ministry. You have friends and family that need to hear … Continue reading 5 Truths We Can Learn From Ezekiel About Ministry

Hope For Those in Exile

Disappointment is defined as “the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.” We live our lives with expectations, whether we realize them or not, and when those expectations are not met we are frustrated and/or disappointed. The first three verses of Ezekiel give us the context of Ezekiel’s ministry. He’s with the exiles by the Chebar canal in … Continue reading Hope For Those in Exile

Battling Discouragement

We all battle discouragement throughout our life. It might come about because of a situation we are dealing with or something we see on the news. Sometimes it cannot even be explained, we just wake up one morning and feel discouraged. When it comes, it hits us like a wave and floods our soul with grief, worry, and hopelessness. It can quickly debilitate us and … Continue reading Battling Discouragement

Are You Wishing Your Life Away?

My two-year-old son ran up to me, dripping wet, and said: “Daddy, this is fun!” Last summer, we spent a week visiting different DFW attractions. My kids were enjoying the splash pad at Legoland, and I was watching from a nearby table trying not to melt in the scorching Texas heat. As I watched them run around wildly, the thought hit me: “one day I’m going … Continue reading Are You Wishing Your Life Away?

The Fish and the Surprising Grace of God

It was all his fault, and he knew it. Jonah pleaded with the sailors to throw him over. He could see the fear in their eyes as the waves continued to pound against the ship. These sailors were seasoned professionals and had seen storms before, but never anything like this. This was something different, something supernatural. They realized that whatever deity controls the wind and … Continue reading The Fish and the Surprising Grace of God

Foster Care and the Gospel

It was 2:30 a.m. when we received a call.  After months of training, house inspections, CPR certifications, and background checks, we were finally approved to be foster parents. Half asleep, my wife answered the phone. A five-year-old girl had been rescued from the hospital and was in need of a home, so we agreed to take her. About an hour later, a little girl with … Continue reading Foster Care and the Gospel