Advent: Focusing Our Hearts On Christ

Waiting. We’re terrible at it, aren’t we? We don’t like to wait for anything. What used to take forty-five minutes to bake can now be microwaved in two minutes. We want our internet fast and our shows on demand. I even thought about upgrading to a newer Keurig that can brew a cup of coffee in one minute because my older model takes three minutes. … Continue reading Advent: Focusing Our Hearts On Christ

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What Ever Happened to Civil Debate?

In elementary school, it was always necessary to enter the playground armed with insults and “your mama” jokes. You never knew when an argument would break out and you would need to tear down not only your opponent, but also his mama. As children, disagreements weren’t solved by listening to an opponent’s view and engaging their ideas with your own counter-arguments. Rather, it was all … Continue reading What Ever Happened to Civil Debate?

Gospel-Centered Fighting

If you’ve been married a while you know that couples fight. If you are ever around other human beings for any extended period of time, you know that eventually there’s a need for conflict resolution. It’s what happens when you put sinners together. At some point, there will be disagreement, hurt, or disappointment. Relationships will suffer if these issues are not dealt with properly, so … Continue reading Gospel-Centered Fighting

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‘Christopher Robin’ And The Struggle We Face

Having young children gives me an excuse to go to the movies and watch shows that I secretly want to watch but could never to go alone. We recently took our kids to watch Christopher Robin. Instead of the playful child of the 100-acre wood, Christopher Robin has grown up and become too busy for playing and using his imagination. He works a stressful and … Continue reading ‘Christopher Robin’ And The Struggle We Face

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Sin Is Crouching At the Door to Devour You

He tried to let it go, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Cain’s anger and jealously brewed within him leading to thoughts of harming his brother. In the midst of his internal struggle, the Lord confronted him: Why are you angry, and why has your face fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin … Continue reading Sin Is Crouching At the Door to Devour You

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What Does It Mean To Glorify God?

Have you ever been in a conversation where everyone seemed to understand a certain phrase except you? You try to figure it out using context clues, but you can’t. You want to ask, but you’re too afraid it’s an elementary question you should know, so you just play along and act like you understand. Christians often talk about “glorifying God,” but what does it really … Continue reading What Does It Mean To Glorify God?

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Four Things to Remember When You Are Struck by Fear

All of us have been afraid. From children afraid of the dark to adults afraid of death, we’ve all experienced fear. Perhaps that’s why one of the most repeated commands in scripture is “fear not.” Why are we told to not to fear? Aren’t there times in our life when we should be afraid? In certain situations, wouldn’t we be foolish not to fear? Consider … Continue reading Four Things to Remember When You Are Struck by Fear

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The Comforting Truth of God’s Sovereignty

Only the bravest people dare to venture outside in the middle of a Texas summer day, the rest of us are either in an air-conditioned building or near water. My kids love to swim, and being inside all day supplies young children abundant energy that needs to be burned if there’s to be any hope of a decent bedtime. So, we spend many hot summer … Continue reading The Comforting Truth of God’s Sovereignty