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Marks of a Healthy Church- The Gospel

We continue looking at the marks of a healthy church that are seldom emphasized today. Using 9 Marks of a Healthy Church as our guide, we’ve looked at expository preaching and biblical theology. Today, we’ll see that a healthy church must be made up of members who have a proper understanding of the gospel. What is the Gospel? Simply put, the Gospel is good news. It … Continue reading Marks of a Healthy Church- The Gospel

Cultural Christianity vs. Biblical Christianity, sheep vs. goats, 2 Corinthians 13:5

Cultural “Christianity” vs. Biblical Christianity

A few weeks ago I preached a sermon attempting to differentiate between cultural Christianity and biblical Christianity. Check it out here. I hope it is helpful to you!   To listen to the audio blog, you can subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, or Podbean. Thank you for reading/listening and I pray it ministers to you! Continue reading Cultural “Christianity” vs. Biblical Christianity

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Marks of a Healthy Church: Expositional Preaching

How can we determine if a church is healthy? What are the indicators we should look for? Some might say that numbers are the determining factor…but surely there healthy churches that are small. Others might judge a church as healthy by the number of programs it offers, how entertaining the services are, or by the amount of weekly giving. While these factors seem to receive … Continue reading Marks of a Healthy Church: Expositional Preaching

fighting bitterness with beauty, god's majesty, theology

Fighting Bitterness With Beauty

Some seasons of life are filled with exuberant jubilation; each day provides exciting opportunities and the Lord seems to grant every request. Then there are times where it feels like nothing goes right, prayers appear to go unanswered, and evil seems to prevail. The never-ending tsunami of bad news is suffocating, and time stands still in the situations you just want to escape. You feel … Continue reading Fighting Bitterness With Beauty

Joy among the waves, trusting the Lord, Promises to David, Psalm 132

Lasting Joy Among The Waves

The sun provided the perfect counter-balance to the cold ocean waves washing the sand off my feet. From where I stood, there seemed to be an endless supply of water that stretched until meeting the blue sky in the distance. To my left, kids with boogie boards were laughing while trying to catch waves. The air was a mixed fragrance of salt and sunscreen. I … Continue reading Lasting Joy Among The Waves

Brokenhearted, Struggling this Christmas, Hope in God, Wait on the Lord, Renewed Strength like Eagles

To The Brokenhearted…

God has ingrained in us a desire for authentic and meaningful relationships. It’s therefore no surprise that we find great joy in living life deeply with those in our family, church and community. In these relationships we enjoy lots of laughs, make lots of memories, and always have a story to tell. No doubt, the deeper we love, the more we enjoy one another. But, … Continue reading To The Brokenhearted…

Advent: Focusing Our Hearts On Christ

Waiting. We’re terrible at it, aren’t we? We don’t like to wait for anything. What used to take forty-five minutes to bake can now be microwaved in two minutes. We want our internet fast and our shows on demand. I even thought about upgrading to a newer Keurig that can brew a cup of coffee in one minute because my older model takes three minutes. … Continue reading Advent: Focusing Our Hearts On Christ

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What Ever Happened to Civil Debate?

In elementary school, it was always necessary to enter the playground armed with insults and “your mama” jokes. You never knew when an argument would break out and you would need to tear down not only your opponent, but also his mama. As children, disagreements weren’t solved by listening to an opponent’s view and engaging their ideas with your own counter-arguments. Rather, it was all … Continue reading What Ever Happened to Civil Debate?