Doing the Impossible: Foster Care and the Church

I tiptoed into my room so I wouldn’t wake him. Laying on a mattress wrapped in his red ‘blankey’ was a napping three-year-old little boy. While typically an explosion of energy, loudly bouncing around from one toy to the next, he lay there asleep and looked so peaceful. We had received a call from CPS a few days before saying there was a child in need … Continue reading Doing the Impossible: Foster Care and the Church

Battling Discouragement

We all battle discouragement throughout our life. It might come about because of a situation we are dealing with or something we see on the news. Sometimes it cannot even be explained, we just wake up one morning and feel discouraged. When it comes, it hits us like a wave and floods our soul with grief, worry, and hopelessness. It can quickly debilitate us and … Continue reading Battling Discouragement

When It’s Hard to Forgive

“Christians are the most forgiven people in the world. Therefore, we should be the most forgiving people in the world.” While we know that should be true, it isn’t always the case. I know I’m supposed to forgive, but sometimes I just don’t want to. Sometimes it seems too hard to actually forgive…at least, to do so completely. To say, ‘I forgive you’ is easy … Continue reading When It’s Hard to Forgive

Do You Love Your Friends Enough to Hurt Them?

Most of us know the popular slogan “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” It’s a simple phrase that’s been around since the early 80s. With just a few words, the phrase carries much meaning. The subject, “friends,” shows that we’re talking about people who care. What do these friends do? They don’t let their friends drive drunk. Why would they step in to stop this … Continue reading Do You Love Your Friends Enough to Hurt Them?

Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

In moments of extreme difficulty or longing desperation, people in Scripture often turned to prayer and fasting. Consider David fasting for his sick child (2 Samuel 12:14-16), the people of Nineveh fasting at word of their coming judgment (Jonah 3), Jesus fasting before beginning his earthly ministry (Matt. 4), or one of the many other examples. Scripture is clear that fasting is a spiritual act … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

Spiritual Disciplines: Serving

It wouldn’t be much longer until his death. The disciples were gathered together for supper with Jesus. As they were eating, Jesus got up, took off his outer garments, and filled a basin with water. The disciples sat and watched as the Son of God himself knelt down. The eternal Christ, worthy of all praise from men and angels, got on his knees before them. … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Serving

Spiritual Disciplines: Evangelism

After speaking of the wonderful privilege we have in being able to know and fellowship with Almighty God, Martyn Lloyd-Jones states, “A man who knows anything about this intimate fellowship with God cannot stop speaking about it.” It’s natural for us to share with others the things in our life that are meaningful. We are currently in a series on the Spiritual disciples. We’ve looked … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Evangelism

Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

After several minutes of crying and screaming, my two-year-old son asked, “Daddy, will you help me get my shoes on?” I gladly knelt down and helped him. He had been struggling and frustrated because he couldn’t do it, yet in his desire to be self-sufficient he didn’t want to ask for help. I was there the whole time willing to help, but if you’ve ever tried … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation and Memorization

We are currently in a series on the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. In the last article, we considered the importance of hearing and reading God’s Word. Today, we’ll look at two more ways we take in the Word: meditation and memorization. Meditation Typically one doesn’t think of meditation as Bible intake. Instead, when we think of meditation, we think of some sort of … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation and Memorization