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‘Christopher Robin’ And The Struggle We Face

Having young children gives me an excuse to go to the movies and watch shows that I secretly want to watch but could never to go alone. We recently took our kids to watch Christopher Robin. Instead of the playful child of the 100-acre wood, Christopher Robin has grown up and become too busy for playing and using his imagination. He works a stressful and … Continue reading ‘Christopher Robin’ And The Struggle We Face

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A God We Can Trust

Trusting the unseen isn’t easy. When life seems stacked against us, we naturally lean toward hopelessness. Our ideal of an easy life is chiseled away by our experiences. Another sickness, another loss, another unmet expectation and we find ourselves asking how much more we can take. But, for the believer, it’s even in these moments that we have an anchor for the soul. We have … Continue reading A God We Can Trust