Lloyd-Jones On The Christian Life

The following is a book review on Lloyd-Jones On the Christian Life by Jason Meyer originally published on Servants of Grace: Tightrope walkers amaze me.  I marvel at the ability to concentrate and balance on such a small wire while certain death awaits the slightest mishap.  They must keep their center mass balanced perfectly over the wire and not lean too far in either direction. I … Continue reading Lloyd-Jones On The Christian Life

Growing in Grace- Links 4/27

A collection of links to encourage your growth. Click below to read: Come to the Light “Brother and sister, confess your sin, and receive Jesus’ forgiveness, and turn away from that specifically revealed sin toward him by the power of the Holy Spirit.” America’s Doomsday Prophets “Here we are again. There is, yet another, doomsday prophet in the news, quoting the Scriptures and claiming today, … Continue reading Growing in Grace- Links 4/27

Is Man Inherently Good?

Something is wrong. Surely we all recognize it. Mass shootings, terrorism, division, racism, nuclear threats, sexual abuse, and on and on the list goes of daily news headlines. What’s going on? The answers will vary depending on your worldview. Some argue that we need better education. Some might argue that people just need opportunity and success; only when people get in desperate situations will they … Continue reading Is Man Inherently Good?

Growing in Grace- Links 4/13

Links from around the web to help you grow in grace! Click below to read. 7 Ways to Protect and Pass on the Gospel The importance of the church in proclaiming the gospel and some practical steps. Safe, Comfortable, and Unhappy: Finding Life by Overcoming Fear “Cowardice may seem distant and personally irrelevant to the average American with the average day job, but we Christ … Continue reading Growing in Grace- Links 4/13

5 Truths We Can Learn From Ezekiel About Ministry

In the first three chapters of Ezekiel we see his call to ministry. Ezekiel was given a specific task for a specific time, but we can all learn from his call to ministry. When I say ‘ministry,’ I don’t just mean vocational ministry, although that is included. If you are a believer, you have a ministry. You have friends and family that need to hear … Continue reading 5 Truths We Can Learn From Ezekiel About Ministry

Hope For Those in Exile

Disappointment is defined as “the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.” We live our lives with expectations, whether we realize them or not, and when those expectations are not met we are frustrated and/or disappointed. The first three verses of Ezekiel give us the context of Ezekiel’s ministry. He’s with the exiles by the Chebar canal in … Continue reading Hope For Those in Exile