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Children Paddling at the Edge of the Ocean: A True and False Knowledge of God

Imagine a little child sitting on the edge of the beach. As the waves come in, the water barely gets to her knees. She feels the water and knows it’s cold. The smell of salt fills her nostrils as she watches the water make its way up the beach, only to be pulled back by some invisible force. This child has learned and experienced a … Continue reading Children Paddling at the Edge of the Ocean: A True and False Knowledge of God

Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

In moments of extreme difficulty or longing desperation, people in Scripture often turned to prayer and fasting. Consider David fasting for his sick child (2 Samuel 12:14-16), the people of Nineveh fasting at word of their coming judgment (Jonah 3), Jesus fasting before beginning his earthly ministry (Matt. 4), or one of the many other examples. Scripture is clear that fasting is a spiritual act … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

Spiritual Disciplines: Serving

It wouldn’t be much longer until his death. The disciples were gathered together for supper with Jesus. As they were eating, Jesus got up, took off his outer garments, and filled a basin with water. The disciples sat and watched as the Son of God himself knelt down. The eternal Christ, worthy of all praise from men and angels, got on his knees before them. … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Serving

Spiritual Disciplines: Evangelism

After speaking of the wonderful privilege we have in being able to know and fellowship with Almighty God, Martyn Lloyd-Jones states, “A man who knows anything about this intimate fellowship with God cannot stop speaking about it.” It’s natural for us to share with others the things in our life that are meaningful. We are currently in a series on the Spiritual disciples. We’ve looked … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Evangelism

Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

After several minutes of crying and screaming, my two-year-old son asked, “Daddy, will you help me get my shoes on?” I gladly knelt down and helped him. He had been struggling and frustrated because he couldn’t do it, yet in his desire to be self-sufficient he didn’t want to ask for help. I was there the whole time willing to help, but if you’ve ever tried … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation and Memorization

We are currently in a series on the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. In the last article, we considered the importance of hearing and reading God’s Word. Today, we’ll look at two more ways we take in the Word: meditation and memorization. Meditation Typically one doesn’t think of meditation as Bible intake. Instead, when we think of meditation, we think of some sort of … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation and Memorization

Spiritual Disciplines: Hearing and Reading God’s Word

The Spiritual disciplines are a means of grace God uses to grow His people. Without active involvement in the disciplines, our spiritual growth will be stunted or nonexistent. In our last article, we began a series on the Spiritual disciplines which we will continue today by considering the first spiritual discipline: Bible intake. Bible intake Bible intake is the most important Spiritual discipline. A Christian simply … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines: Hearing and Reading God’s Word

The Fish and the Surprising Grace of God

It was all his fault, and he knew it. Jonah pleaded with the sailors to throw him over. He could see the fear in their eyes as the waves continued to pound against the ship. These sailors were seasoned professionals and had seen storms before, but never anything like this. This was something different, something supernatural. They realized that whatever deity controls the wind and … Continue reading The Fish and the Surprising Grace of God

Spiritual Disciplines and the Christian Life

Another year has come and gone…life truly is a vapor. We typically take this time to evaluate the past year as we also prepare for ways to improve in the upcoming year. Oftentimes, we set goals or New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. As you do so, I encourage you to take time to evaluate your spiritual life. How could you strive, in the Spirit’s power, to … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines and the Christian Life